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We are based in Ottawa, Canada.  Nest is owned by partners, Lisa & John-Paul. 


Commitment to Ecological Sustainability

A strong commitment to sustainability informs our business decisions.  We strive for products that are sustainably sourced, made, and distributed. 

We look for materials that are biodegradable (wood, wool, organic cotton, and silk), and where the sourcing of these raw materials has had intentional regard for environmental sustainability, eg. For Ruskovilla woollen garments from Finland, this can mean the land that the sheep have been raised on, as well as the processing of the wool fibers. 

Many of our suppliers have manufacturing processes that employ impressive energy-efficient measures, water conservation, and high ecological regard otherwise. 

We seek distribution channels that minimize energy use in transportation, and we often pay into carbon offsets with some of our shipping lines.

For our own packaging and shipping, we will sometimes re-use boxes and packing paper that is clean and has been used to package safe and clean materials.  Eg. From our local health food store (no nuts or other common allergens), or local bookstore, or from packaging that our suppliers have used to ship to us. 

Part of ecological sustainability for a manufactured product is also related to the energy required for its manufacture being justified by its usefulness, quality, and lifetime.  We strive to carry products that add to qualify of life in this overall regard.


Social Ethos

We are committed to having our website and product selection socially just.  It is a work in progress, in terms of representation and product scene shots to better reflect cultural diversity, but we are taking this responsibility seriously.  Our goal is to have all of our dolls available in different ethnicities, and to carry a selection of children's picture books that reflect the ethnic diversity of our communities in North America (and elsewhere).

We source products from manufacturers with fair trade practices.  Eg. Ruskovila organic cotton from BioRe, Evi Dolls from Brazil, Disana woollens with wool sourced from Patagonia (the region, not the company).


Abous Us

Lisa has a background in physics and studied renewable energy engineering in Germany.  John-Paul enjoys songwriting and European travel.  We have two young children.