All Disana wool articles are made of 100% merino wool. The wonderful characteristics of new wool make it a natural for the warmth and protection needs of children. Natural merino wool is characterized through its special fineness and it is cozily soft and pleasant on the skin. Disana merino wool is not scratchy. It hardly becomes dirty and balances temperatures fairly well.

The home country of the sheep for Disana's merino wool is Patagonia, in the very south of South America. Disana's merino wool is certified according to strict organic criteria. The species-appropriate animal husbandry and sustainable management of areas protection is also included. Our merino wool is 'mulesing-free'.

As a member of the International Association of the Natural Textile Industry (IVN), Disana is obliged to follow strict policies regarding the selection of the raw materials and high social standards for the processings. This is monitored by independent third-party institutions and documented on many of our articles by the use of the quality labels 'BEST' and 'GOTS'.

Founded with much love for ecology, Disana is still today a family-run company. All of their products are manufactured at their premises and at selected companies in their neighbourhood. Manual skills, innovative technology and attention for detail characterize Disana articles.

For more information, visit www.disana.de

Care & Cleaning:

Wool has a natural self-cleaning effect and has to be washed only in certain cases. Usually airing is fully sufficient. Also washing the articles before wearing them for the first time is unnecessary because they don't contain questionable substances.

If nevertheless a wool article has to be washed, we would recommend a hand wash. Please always use lukewarm (room temperature) water and our Disana wool shampoo, or a suitably respected wool wash. Don't use a conventional wool detergent or mild detergent because this can cause the fibres to mingle and tighten in the garments. Keep the wool articles only for a short time in the water. Do not wring, rub, or brush. Just squeeze the woollen articles gently. Accordingly, rinse them also with lukewarm water of the same temperature. Do not spin the wool articles in a washing machine. Pull the washed wool articles gently into shape and let them dry in a laying flat position. Do not ever put them in a dryer with a heating cycle, or the wool will mingle, tighten, and shrink (felt). It is also NOT recommended to put them in a dryer on tumble dry (i.e. without heat).

Wool washing programmes of washing machines are varying massively, therefore it cannot be relied upon to use them in a machine. Some people who well know and trust the woolwash setting of their front-loading washing machine will use it, but handwashing is in general the most reliable to protect the garments from slight shrinkage.

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