Sibley Backyard Bingo

SKU: ISBN 9780593231852
$29.00 CAD

Calling all bingo players and birdwatchers to the table.  This colourful and informative bingo game features 50 quintessential North American birds painted by preeminent birding authority David Sibley.

Perfect for Family Game Nights: New and experienced birders of all ages will enjoy this fast-paced, classic bingo game.
Expert author: the bird portraits on the cards are painted by world-renowned ornithologist David Sibley, author of the Sibley Bird Guides.
Fun + Educational: Identifying birds as they are called out challenges your powers of observation and memory.
Fun play in an sturdy, portable package: a compact size for bringing on holidays and playing indoors or outside.
For 3 to 10 players.  Playing time 30 minutes to 1 hour.
Contains 10 game boards, 50 calling cards, 80 bird’s egg-shaped tokens.
Recommended by the publisher for Ages 4 and up.