Glückskäfer metal sand toy set

Glückskäfer metal sand toy set

GS 535064

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Pretty, classic sand toy set made of sheet metal; in nice colours and with wooden handles for the small sand cake bakery.  There is something unique about using a good metal bucket, and these other sand toys.  They can get hot in the very hot Sun over time!  But cool down nicely with water too...

Metal bucket set 4 pieces.: Children are happiest outdoors doing their own gardening and playing in the sand. Glückskäfer’s sturdy shapes and toys in top-quality metal are ideally suitable for outdoor play.

Suitable for ages 2+.

Size: bucket height 24 cm; rake length 24 cm long; shovel length 22 cm long; sieve diameter 17 cm.

Materials: beech, natural metal and coloured laquered

Made in Europe.