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Design your own animal tracks with six different track templates: Whether with chalk, paint, in the sand or on fabric: is it a wolf - a lynx or .. a wild boar?  Eagle owls, bears and deer can also perform!  Great fun for children.

Do you really know how large the footprint of a bear is and how small in comparison that of a lynx?  What does it look like when wild animals walk through mud or snow?  Use these life size templates to recreate the tracks of bear, lynx, wolf, red deer, wild boar, and eagle-owl.

Colour in the templates on the pavement/ sidewalk using chalks, spray chalk, or even mud, take them to print the tracks on snow or sand.  You can even use them with textile paint to decorate some clothing or other fabric.

Contents: 7 templates for life-sized tracks on woodland animals (there are 2 for the bear), instructions on how to use them and interesting facts about step length, size, weight, feeding habits and predators of each of these animals.

For children from 5 years of age, helps to develop an interest in nature.

Made in Germany.