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BR BUREAU birds eye maple

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A place to empty one's pockets at the end of a day.  Some people use it as a very simple jewellery box.

Choose from all cherry or all birds-eye maple.

Handmade in the Shaker tradition by Brent Rourke in New Brunswick.

Dating initially from around 1798, shaker oval boxes and carriers were produced for over 150 years.  They were economical to build and stored easily as you could nest a whole set in the space of the largest box.  Although shaker boxes and carriers are considered decorative today, they were originally a working box.  The shakers used them for storing kitchen ingredients or shop supplies.

Made the same today as in the olden times, with tiny wooden dowels and copper tacks that are produced on machinery over a century old.  Shaker Boxes and Carriers have made their mark and done their part in history and are prized today for the patience and skill required to make them.