organic cotton sweeper dusting cloths, set of 5

organic cotton sweeper dusting cloths, set of 5


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Made from organic cotton, these cloths are delightfully soft and absorbent.

We've found so many uses for them!  Some people like to use them on sensitive faces or hands, as they are so incredibly soft, many young children or people of all ages appreciate the gentle touch.

In our home, however, we use these for dusting, as they are the perfect re-usable, eco-friendly dusting cloth that we can use in dry in the hand or to put on the end of a sweeping tool, to easily pick up dust and dirt.  A great addition to the weekly home maintenance and cleaning routine.  They are so soft and effective, they are quite satisfying to use!

~19.5 x 19.5 cm (7.75 x 7.75")

90% organic dye-free cotton, 10% polyester.

Made in Canada.