Glückskäfer Organic Building Blocks, 58 pcs

SKU: GS 523450.1
$58.50 CAD $65.00

58 piece building blocks come in a cotton net bag.  A versatile block wonderland with clear shapes that will quickly turn young master builders into artists.

This set is new in 2022 from Glückskäfer.  Their organic range shines with new baby products made of finest beechwood.  From the very beginning, long before the organic trend,  Glückskäfer has always used natural raw materials for dyeing, such as lemon peel oils, natural resins or plant pigments.  This preserves the natural surface and creates a great feel, as well.  For decades, they have always sourced their wood from sustainably grown trees.  The look is captivating and shows the natural character, also in their new organic products.

For ages 1 year and up.

Made in Germany.