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And Other Explorations of Time

by Wolfgang Held; Translated by Matthew Barton

The week has a remarkable rhythm that does not fit exactly with either the month or the year.  Yet most of humanity keeps faith with this sevenfold rhythm.  Why did the seven-day week triumph over the many other ways that existed of subdividing the month in ancient times? The answer, as Wolfgang Held shows, is rooted in the human being.  Just as activity and passivity alternate during the course of a day, the human soul resonates from day to day in seven differing moods.  Deepening our understanding of the characteristic weekly rhythm can give us strength and inspiration for the way we live our lives.

Why is the present always also informed by the future?  When are we best able to discover new questions? Why do we grow a little weary every four hours? How long can we concentrate for?  Why does it make a difference whether we think about something in the evening or the morning?  Wolfgang Held introduces us to the diverse rhythms at work in our lives: from tiny seconds to the great cosmic divisions of the Platonic year.  Just as we have learned to orient ourselves in space, so we can develop our potential through a conscious relationship with time.

This practical and inspirational book contains discussions from two separate German editions, Der siebenfache Flügelschlag der Seele (The Soul's Sevenfold Wingbeat) and Vier Minuten Sternenzeit (Four Minutes of Star Time), offering us fascinating insights into how we can live in harmony with time.

Paperback, 104 pages.  198 x 130 mm.

Floris Books, 2011.

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'Apart from the rhythm of the day, there is also the rhythm of the heart and the cycle of the seasons - this book can help us get back in touch with these rhythms.'
-- Scientific and Medical Network Review, Spring 2011

'Rhythms of the Week may help you to make the most of your day whether in productiveness at a workplace or in relation to your soul life… For such a small book it contains a wealth of information without being dense. A profound and pleasant read.'
-- Perspectives

About the Author

Wolfgang Held was born in Germany in 1964. He worked for many years in the Mathematics and Astronomy section of the Goetheanum, where he now runs the publicity department. He is the editor of the Sternkalender (Star Calendar) and the author of many articles on themes relating to astronomy and science.