Howl Like a Wolf

SKU: ISBN 9781612129051
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Learn to Think, Move, and Act Like 15 Amazing Animals

by Kathleen Yale. Illustrated by Kaley McKean.

Gold Mom's Choice Award Winner
Creative Child Magazine Book of the Year Award Winner
Honor Book for the 2018 Montana Book Awards

What does it feel like to “see” with your ears like a bat or go through a full body transformation like a frog? Can you wriggle in and out of tight places like an octopus, camouflage yourself like a leopard, or do a waggle dance like a honeybee? This creative and beautifully illustrated interactive guide makes learning about animals fun for children ages 6 and up. Fifteen animals explain their amazing feats and invite kids to enter their world by mimicking their behavior — an imaginative approach to learning that fosters curiosity, empathy, and dramatic play.

Hardcover. 8 x 10".

Storey Publishing.


Click here for a link to animal mask printable downloads and more information.


About the Author:

Kathleen Yale spent more than 10 years chasing critters through the Rocky Mountains as a wildlife field biologist and holds degrees in conservation biology and environmental studies. She has served as Orion magazine’s Reviews editor and has authored text for a number of nature-related books and games for adults and children, including Mountain Goats of Glacier National Park, North American Birds, Backyard Birds, and Baby Animals of the World. Her essays, poems, and reviews have been published in various places including Orion, High Country News, Camas, Big Sky Journal, and High Desert Journal. She recently spent several years researching and writing creative and humorous scripts for the popular, award-winning educational YouTube channels SciShow and Crash Course. Yale currently lives with her family in Montana, just outside of Glacier National Park, where she works as a freelance writer and editor.