Willow the Wildcat

SKU: ISBN 9781782506300
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by Lynne Rickards and Kirsten Harris-Jones

Willow the wildcat kitten and her brother Corrie live in a cozy den in the forest with their mom. But disaster strikes when a nosy sheepdog collapses their den. Can the kittens stop fighting long enough to learn how to work together and find a warm, safe new home?

Written in lively rhyme, this charming tale of two siblings learning to appreciate each other and work as a team features dynamic watercolor illustrations of forest wildlife and two adorable wildcat kittens, which are endangered in Europe.

From the author of best-selling Skye the Puffling and Rowan the Red SquirrelWillow the Wildcat brings the beauty of the Scottish Highlands and its animal inhabitants charmingly to life.

Softcover, 28 pages.

Floris Books.