A Secret Diary of the First World War

ISBN 9781782505273

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Fact-tastic Stories from Scotland's History

by Gill Arbuthnott; Illustrated by Darren Gate

What was World War One really like?  Step into the boots of 14-year-old James Marchbank and experience the most important, incredible, peculiar, poignant, remarkable and revolting bits of the war.

Inspired by the real-life diary of a Scottish boy soldier, each easy-to-read chapter mixes James's story with timelines, letters, diagrams and illustrations to create a fact-tastic account of the First World War, which is both fun and emotionally engaging for younger readers.

Take a journey through time to find out...

- Why rat hunting became a popular hobby in the trenches
- How parachuting pigeons helped at war
- Why a really good friend would rub whale oil on your feet
- What it actually felt like to be a teenager at war

A Secret Diary of the First World War is the first in a new brilliant series, which blends together intriguing facts and fascinating fiction to bring the most exciting, gruesome and crucial moments of Scottish history alive for young readers.

Recommended for children ages 7 - 10 years old. (Grades 2-5)

Softcover, 144 pages.  197 x 158 mm (6.2 x 7.8 inches).

Floris Books, 2018.