Animal's Circle puzzle

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GOKI 57790

This puzzle has a special place in our hearts!  We've sat by our kids while they did it probably fifty times.  The images and choice of where to cut the puzzle pieces is well-done, for some good clues for kids.  Our children did the puzzle outside of the frame when they were younger, and then inside the frame as they got older.

As with all puzzles, we find the age recommendations can really vary depending on the child.  This one does seem to provide some good clues, and parents can chunk together small groupings for younger children, to make it more at their level (eg. just putting out the pieces for the middle section first, then after they've done those ones, adding the pieces to the table for the outer circles).

The pieces themselves are wooden plywood as is the puzzle frame.  We normally hesitate with plywood in our store and in our house, and we're selective with puzzles, as so many have a lot of wood dust.  However, we are happy to recommend this particular one as we find the quality quite good, and especially at a nice price.

30.5 cm diameter.

Made in China by Gollnest & Keisel. 



A little about the manufacturer, Gollnest & Kiesel: 

Acting Responsibly

"To make sure that the world always remains a colourful and liveable place, Gollnest & Kiesel takes on responsibility for sustainability. Wood is a naturally self-regenerating raw material. We source our wood only from places where it can grow back again. 

Every year we gift a tree for every new-born child in our most northerly German federal state. 25,000 trees for a new area of public woodland in Schleswig-Holstein! This means that the woods remain the common property of the state of Schleswig-Holstein. 

In 2011 we handed over 60,000 trees to the state for a new forest near the capital, Kiel. Some of the new trees were planted by children from the forest kindergarten Kiel-Molfsee together with Gerhard Gollnest and Fritz-Rüdiger Kiesel"

Schools for working children

400 million children have to work every day.  They work in mines, in factories or on sugarcane plantations.
The cycle of child labour and the subsequent life of poverty can only be broken through education.  That is why Gollnest & Kiesel are building schools for children, who prior to this have worked hard for their living and also for that of their parents.
At least fifty per cent of the profits from the brand ‘cause are used for building schools.  A new school is opened every year in cooperation with the children’s aid organizations “terre des hommes” and “Children in Africa”. Up until now schools have been opened in:
•    Vietnam
•    Peru
•    Columbia
•    Mali
•    Island of Negros on the Philippines
•    Uganda

Quality standards

Maple, beech, walnut or lime wood?  Ash, pine, birch and Indian rubber tree wood are also processed by Gollnest & Kiesel into valuable wooden toys.  The paints and the varnishes come from small, but highly specialized vendors.  The individual vendors and the materials used are carefully selected, so that nothing goes wrong later during the toy production.  Internal quality management has been integrated into every process of the product’s invention and production.  But we also commission external, independent institutes regularly with the monitoring of our quality standards.  Every toy from Gollnest & Kiesel always fulfills the high quality standards of our company.

Gollnest & Kiesel's business philosophy:

Direct, open, honest and with a good portion of north German humour.  This is the way that we work every day with pleasure dealing with your requests and answering your questions.  Figures talk but they are not everything

What really counts: 
  • is the experience gained from growing from being a 2-man business to a high-performance medium-sized company.
  • are the motivated and committed employees, who shape the corporate image of the company with their distinctive style.
  • is the pleasure in developing new successful products.
  • is the particularly honest and open relationship with our customers.
  • is the fact that we have been able to preserve our ideals and dreams.