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Bear Child

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Written by Geoff Mead; Illustrated by Sanne Dufft

  • A special bedtime story full of love and warm assurance
  • Geoff Mead's magical story combines with Sanne Dufft's inspiring illustrations to create a truly timeless folktale
  • An uplifting tale of childhood dreams, parental love and embracing individuality

'Now that people live in towns and bears live in the woods, have you ever wondered what happened to the bear folk?'

At bedtime Ursula asks Daddy to tell her the tale of the bear folk: special beings who can choose to be either a bear or a person, depending if they want to catch a fish or read a book.

Bear folk live extraordinary lives, he tells her. They are strong and clever, kind and loving, adventurous and creative -- just like her.

Will I ever meet one?, Ursula asks. Perhaps she already has...

Bear Child is an inspirational story of parental love, belief and embracing individuality. This beautiful picture book weaves together Geoff Mead's charming words with Sanne Dufft's ethereal illustrations to create a truly timeless folktale.

Recommended for 4-7 years old.

235 x 209 mm, 32 pages. Hardcover. 2018.

Floris Books.


'Every page turn brings text with a deft balance of exciting, often funny ideas and lulling rhythms... A sweet bedtime book.'
-- Kirkus Reviews

'Bear Child is an inspirational picture book story of parental love, belief and embracing individuality. Beautifully illustrated with the artwork of Sanne Dufft, children's author Geoff Mead deftly weaves what will prove to be a truly timeless folktale for children ages 3 to 7 -- making it especially and unreservedly recommended for family, daycare center, preschool, elementary school, and community library collections.'
-- Midwest Book Review

'Soft pencil and warm watercolour illustrations show the loving relationship between Ursula and her Daddy-bear (I love Daddy's shaggy-bear beard!) and the wonderful worlds of the bear folk, in our own homes and gardens, in nature and all the way to the stars. A story to encourage children and parents alike to embrace their inner wild bears, and a warm expression of how stories can vitalise life, and help us to face death.'
-- Armadillo

'Bear Child is a timeless folktale of parental love, belief and embracing individuality. Geoff Mead combines charming words with powerful storytelling to create a magical tale that feels remarkably close to reality. Sanne Dufft's ethereal illustrations bring the bear folk to life.'
-- Kindling

About the Author

Geoff Mead is a storyteller and author. He has published a number of books about stories and storytelling and runs storytelling workshops around the world.

Sanne Dufft has illustrated many children's picture books. She won the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators European Conference Portfolio Content 2015. She lives in Germany with her family.