Birthday Party Favour Bag

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Nest 1000
  • Stockmar modelling wax beeswax

Let us take care of the birthday party favour bags for you!  Here are some of our best eco-friendly loot bag options.

Choose which items you'd like.  We have small brown paper bags that we can distribute them among, if you'd like, or we can include the bags for you to use.



~  Money-saving: The tattoos come 2 to a package.  We've split them up among party favour bags ourselves in the past, so each child gets just 1 tattoo.

~ We've also cut out stickers from our EyeLike sticker books to distribute among the party favour bags.  One book has 400 stickers, so that'd do and you'd have plenty!

~ How about adding some gemstones?  We have this pack that could be split up.

~ Money-saving alternative to gemstones, painting rocks yourself.  An internet search provides 'lodes' of inspiration.

~ Packages of seeds for flowers or fruits and vegetables has been a favourite of ours for a party favour.

~ It's nice for the child to say goodbye to and thank their guests for coming individually, and one way to encourage this gesture and grace at an age-appropriate level is to invite the birthday child to hand out the party favour bag to a guest when they are leaving.  Be positive and supportive though, as some children can feel shy, or they might be involved in something that they need to suddenly transition from to say goodbye, or something else going on with a big party.  Moments like this can be easier at some times than others.  Go with the flow, and if the child isn't taking the role to hand out the party favour bag themselves, the parent can model and extend the gestures.

~ A fun alternative: Search 'birthday party favors tissue paper punch'.  Great to do a week in advance if you have the time!  What about a large wine glass or other box that already contains little cubbies, so you don't have to use disposable cups?  Tip: we found using crepe paper worked better than window star transparency paper.  We often have some in stock at Nest.  Please inquire if you are interested in purchasing.

~ It's a good idea to have a few extra party favour bags on hand to give to unexpected siblings, or other guests that come.  Also, don't forget to include your own children in the count for the party favour bags!