Building Canada

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ISBN 9780887765049

By Bonnie Shemie.

Sitting so close to the United States, and with influences from France, Great Britain, Asia, and Europe, building styles in Canada are familiar but different, eclectic, and unique.  Bonnie Shemie, who studied the houses of North America's native peoples, has created a beautiful and informative volume that defines this country's history and geography through its buildings.  Among the styles that dot the landscape are Quebec's maison Canadienne based on France's peasant cottages, brightly painted homes of the Atlantic seaports, the sod houses, prefabricated buildings and false fronts that dominated the prairies, popular Ontario farm house design, Montreal's famed duplexes with exterior staircases, and uniquely Canadian chateau-style hotels. 

Building Canada also looks at the importance of modern building materials, restoration efforts, and city planning.

Complete with timeline and glossary.

An engaging and interesting lens through which to learn history and historical context.

Recommended for ages 9 years and up.


Tundra Books.