copper stand for eurythmy balls

MER 45105170

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Suitable for our eurythmy balls.  In addition to pure storage, this stand puts your ball in the limelight.  Let the energy that emanates from your copper sphere shine in your rooms with this stand.  

The small stand itself has a diameter of 7 cm (2.75").  It is suitable for balls with a diameter of up to 54 mm (that is the 2 smaller size eurythmy balls).

The large stand has a diameter of 10 cm (3.93").  It is suitable for balls with a diameter of 62 mm or more (that is the 2 larger size eurythmy balls).

***Balls sold separately.  Please note: in images the 7 cm diameter stand is pictured with both the 40 and 54 mm diameter balls.

These handmade wrought copper stands are manufactured in manual work in a small workshop in South Germany.