small copperware pad

SKU: RDK 250172
$12.00 CAD

Cleans extra thoroughly and extra gently!

You can easily clean small areas, surfaces, edges and hard to reach corners with this small copper pad.

Fine copper threads gently remove even persistent dirt - copper is a soft metal, which does not scratch.  Ideal for high grade steel-articles, glass, china, ceramics, etc.  Also removes layers of rust from blades, bikes, cars, etc.

Do NOT use on teflon or similar surfaces.  Use in wet condition only!

Ecologically beneficial, 100% recyclable.  Extremely long lasting.  This is a braided copper pad, more densely compacted than our other copper pads and sponges we also sell.

Please note the dimensions: 5 x 4 cm.  22 grams.

Made in the Netherlands.