Disana young child's boiled wool mittens

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DISANA 342020x
Made in Germany

Disana's Size 2, which typically fits 13-24 months, although they tend to fit a little on the large side, and we know several three year olds, who these mitts still fit well.

Disana Size 3, typically fits ~2 yrs to 5 yrs, although they will also fit some 6 year olds.

Disana woolen mittens are indispensable companions for walks, tobogganing and snowball battles.  Thanks to the unique properties of natural wool, the hands remain warm and dry for a long time.  We also like them as a liner to wear beneath a different brand water-resistant shell, for extra warmth on winter's coldest days.

The high content of lanolin in our wool impregnates every single wool fiber and makes it water repellent.  A cord ensures that what stays together remains together.

Made in Germany.