double sheepskin rug (special order)

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RUSKO 7904-2

Two beautifully matched sheepskin rugs joined together, with twice the length and the same luxury as a single sheepskin. These are ideal for running along sofas, next to or at the foot of beds, and draped down nursing or lounge chairs.

Start the day with a good feeling by lying one on the ground next to the bed to be the first thing your feet touch in the morning. These natural long wool sheepskin rugs are extremely cosy and are a great way to add extra comfort and style to your home.


These sheepskins are made with sustainability and the environment in mind, particularly during the tanning process.

For the environmentally-friendly and safe practices of the tanning process used by Classic Sheepskins New Zealand, ingredients used are important but also quantities and water levers have effects on the environment.  Their methods employed recycle large amounts of the water and chemicals used through the process. This means that the amounts used to tan the skins is extremely low comparatively-speaking.  Most of the chemicals can be found in household products and are all very safe.  Note all of the lambskins and sheepskins are pulled from the tanning baths with bare hands as the nature of the chemicals used is quite mild in this regard.


Available in ivory or honey colour.  Please specify preference in notes at checkout.


Please note that these differ from the single lambskins that we sell in the following ways:

The regular single lambskins are made with young children in mind, as they are tested and certified under the strict criteria of ISO 9001 Quality systems.  The single lambskins are also sanitized using a patented Swiss treatment to prevent mold and mildew growth.  This treatment meets OEKO-text standards.  Safety for both humans and the environment is paramount to the entire sanitation process.  They also differ in that the single lambskins are just a very little smaller in size and are lambskins, while these are sheepskins from more mature sheep - although still just as luxurious and soft, and most people would not be able to tell the difference in a blindfolded test.


Dimensions for the double rug are approximate as sheepskins naturally vary in size:

175 cm x 58 cm or 69" x 23"


Made in New Zealand.