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Engel organic cotton boys' underwear, boxer-briefs (discontinued)

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High quality organic cotton underwear boys' boxer briefs.

Styled in the European tradition, based on the overall height of the child in centimetres. Eg. size 128cm would typically fit an average weight child who is between ~122 - 134 cm tall (standing height, bottom of flexed foot to top of head).

100% undyed natural organic cotton with drop-stitch pattern.

The waistband is more on the snug side, yet not super tight. Fits slim to medium build. Consider sizing up if you like to wash in very hot water and certainly if you put in the dryer to allow for some shrinkage. When first determining your child's correct size, may we recommend to try one size to start with, and err on the side of a size too large to begin with, that way, if it is indeed too large, you can save it for when the child is older, and then size down with your next order.

Made in Germany.