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Erzi indoor/ outdoor grocer shop

Erzi indoor/ outdoor grocer shop

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The indoor/ outdoor play furniture from Erzi has really exceeded our expectations at nest.  We’ve kept their planting/ gardening table for kids outdoors in rain and even some snow, and it’s held up well, and yet the solid pine wood is also not too off-gassy as one might often find durable pine wood to be.

As it’s durable for outdoors, it provides children with a rare opportunity for practicing this engrossing role-playing outdoors in the garden where use can be made of natural materials.

The grocery store is a three-dimensional design and is provided with lots of shelving for accessories. 

Includes: 1 shop shelf, 1 shop counter, 1 connection shelf and 1 mounting set.  Please note: wooden food accessories sold separately.

Materials: pine

Dimensions: 85.5 x 96 x 90.4 cm

Made in Germany.

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