Fairy Tales postcard set by M. van Zeyl

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MER 95305010

15 postcards of popular fairy tales from the brothers Grimm illustrated by Marjan van Zeyl.

Beautiful fairy tale pictures by Marjan van Zeyl.  These pictures appeal to all those who are receptive to archetypical fairy tale pictures.  Children love these pictures like the Frog Prince or Little Red Riding Hood. 

This assortment contains the following postcards:
Little Red Riding Hood 
Cat in Boots 
Timpe Tee 
Mother Hulda 
Sleeping Beauty 
Nils Holgersson 
Frog King 
Hansel and Gretel 
The Wishing Table 
The Bear 
Snow White and the Seven Dwarves 

Individual cards are 10.7 x 15 cm (4.21 x 5.91").

Printed in the Netherlands.