fine clay for practising

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This clay is very supple and has little or no chamotte.  Ideally suited for modelling.  Firing temperature 1000 - 1100 degrees Celsius. 

Please note that clay does not tolerate frost, therefore it is not possible to transport clay during a period of frost.  However, moreover, it is by local pick-up only, and if shipping, please note that it weighs 10 kg, and additional shipping charge will certainly apply.  Please get in touch with us beforehand for a quote, or we will contact you after you place your order with a shipping quote for your approval (shipping costs for such weight vary greatly across Canada and the US, and the charges are therefore specific to your shipping address).  There is no charge for local Ottawa pick-up.

Clay comes in different shapes and colours.  We offer different types of clay for different purposes and techniques.  All types of clay remain malleable for a week after being removed from the package.  If you keep it airtight in a plastic bucket with a tight-fitting lid, the clay will be soft and malleable for a much longer period.

Should the clay dry out (losing water) you can make it malleable again by adding water.  This is possible until the clay is baked at a minimum of 600 degrees Celsius.

This clay is for practicing, and it is a rich clay without or with just a little bit of very fine chamotte.  This clay is very supple, has a stable structure and is very resilient.  This is suitable for a potter’s wheel.  Also ideal for handwork with younger children.

We also alternatively supply chamotte clay, both fine (grain 0-0.5 mm), medium (grain 0-1.0 mm) and rough (grain 0-2.0 mm).  Chamotte is grinded, already fired clay.  This is added to the clay in order to give it certain characteristics during the firing.  For example, chamotte ensures that the object holds it shape and shrinks less (all clay shrinks by firing).  Chamotte gives the clay as it were, stability, and has the effect of a frame.  Also, the chamotte makes sure that the clay is more porous so that the air can escape better during the firing.  Because of the chamotte, you need more strength to sculpt it, so it is less suitable for the youngest children.

10 kg block.

Available in 2 colours.

Yellowish-red but 'terra cotta-red' when baked, OR white but grey when baked.

The clay is from Germany.