Fire Mountain

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Made in Germany

Feuerberg (Fire Mountain), the game by Sabine Erdmann

An unusual and apt ceramic board game for 2-6 players.
Several families are living in caves around the fire mountain (volcano).  Severe storms have extinguished the fires in the caves and destroyed the fire-leads to the volcano.  Now the families try to reconstruct the fire leads up the mountain fighting against storms, floods, and rocks.  Who is the first one to have a fire light up in their cave?

ceramic board with tea light in glass
2 large dice
6 glass marbles
lamp oil
200 pieces of fire lead (wick)

For 2-6 teammates of 8 years but under adult supervision.  Diameter 38 cm    You can kind of see in the picture... the girls have laid down little candle wicks into the grooves of the ceramic board...

Game Set-Up:
1.  Drip some lamp oil onto the fire leads (pieces of candle wick) and let them soak briefly in the jar.
2.  Place a match through each hole of an 'occupied cave' (one cave per player or team), with the head of the match over the marking..
3.  Every cave family gets 3 pieces of fire lead wick which are put into the grooves outside their cave.
4.  The glass marbles are placed as 'rocks' on the last six intersections right under the volcano's crate.
5.  At last, light the tealight in the crater the volcano burns and the game can start.

Game Play:
The player whose fireplace in their cave lights up first wins the game.  

Always two players next to each other throw the dice at the same time so that every player gets to throw a die twice in a row.  For every victory at throwing the dice and for every thrown 'flame' (picture on one side of the dice), a player may lay down a piece of fire lead wick into the grooves on the ceramic board, using the tweezers.  In this way, a fire lead gets slowly built from ones own cave up the moutainside.  The fire leads may branch out or be interrupted.  Connections with the leads of neighbouring players are allowed.  
If a rock blocks an intersection, you mustn't place a piece of fire lead into any of the three adjoining grooves.
Once the first fire lead from a cave to the volcano has been completed, the light in the room should be dimmed and all the players lean back and watch (without sneezing, blowing, or coughing): the lead may be lit at the volcano and the fire travels down the mountainside along the wick path towards the fireplace in the cave (at the edge of the board).  In case, there are connections to other fireleads from other caves, players are kept in suspense as to whose fireplace lights up first.  If the fire is extinguished on the way to the cave, the game continues."

There is a little more instructions, could be optional,  depending on if you throw a water symbol or rock symbol on the dice (water symbol means fire leads are washed by rain flood, and player can pick up any two pieces of wick and reposition them on the board).

After the Game:
Put the intact pieces of fire lead back into the jar.
The board is washable.
You can cut new pieces of fire lead if needed in the future from cotton thread, or a refill pack is available.  Attention: using artificial fibres may develop toxic gases or burn down too quickly.  More lam poil as needed is available from drugstores or supermarkets.

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