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floppy horse, dark brown

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A dark brown horsie friend, made by Senger of Germany.

30 cm (12 inches) long.

Wovenwind handpicked organic cotton, cozy with soft and shaggy organic cotton mane.

Handwashing recommended.  Machine washable can work in certain washing machines, such as front loader with handwashing setting. Please note: these floppy animals do not have a great deal of filling.  They are organic cotton, therefore should there be the need to wash them, they can go in the washing machine, and even the dryer on gentle.  Sometimes, massaging out the filling afterwards by hand, just by working it with the hands from the outside, holding the stuffie in one's hands, after they come out of the wash can help redistribute the inside filling after a machine wash.

Tested and fulfilling International Toy Safety Standards.

Made in Germany.