Flower Fairies Magical Doors

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An adaptation of the work of Cicely Mary Barker.  
Enchanting, charming, and a little magical for young children, this book is delightful for quiet moments or for some special and sweet magic before bedtime.

What happens when a little girl moves into a new house and discovers a tiny door? One day she manages to open it . . . and her world is forever changed when she gets her fi rst peek at the homes and the magical world of the Flower Fairies. As she starts to explore her neighborhood with a friend, they discover that there are more doors—all leading to the most secret of fairy places.

Filled with gorgeous paper ephemera, pop-ups and special interactive features on every spread, this beautiful novelty book leads the reader to eight fairy doors to open and investigate. Each door has its own individual shape, color and characteristics— some are decorated, others have little signs or notices, a set of footprints leading up to it, or magical fairy glitter at the doorstep. As the book progresses, more of the fairies and their world are revealed, culminating in an exciting and secret fairy nighttime ball.

Cicely Mary Barker's Flower Fairies have been ethereal companions around the world ever since the publication of Cicely's first book in 1923.  The magical illustrations have inspired generations of children to search for fairies at the bottom of their gardens.  There is something delightfully charming about the delicate, childlike fairies of Cicely's imagination.  Once seen, they are never forgotten.  Cicely Mary Barker was born in Croydon, South London in 1895 and died in 1973.  She found international acclaim as an artist with her delightful Flower Fairies books the first of which, Flower Fairies of the Spring, was printed in 1923.

We recommend this particular book for children 5 - 9 years of age.

Hardcover, pop-up, with surprises along the way.  Published 2009.