form drawing paper

SKU: MER 10315210
$18.00 CAD

For less artistically demanding works we offer this inexpensive 80 gsm paper.  It is used as watercolour paper for wet-on-wet painting in art therapy, but please note that due to the low weight of the paper, it is not suited for getting very wet and staying durable, but only for light watercolours, and not necessarily for archiving (keeping for years ahead for memories) or framing, but more for practice.

The paper is ideally suited for 'form-drawing' exercises.

100 sheets in a pad.  Comes in 2 sizes.

Density (weight) of paper: 80 grams per square metres.


Suited for aquarel painting: moderate
Suited for wet in wet painting: reasonable
Drying quality: moderate
Suited for dry paints: n/a
Suited for veiling: moderate
Paint absorbing quality: good
Paint absorbing quality: reasonable
Suited for form drawing: excellent
Wet through eeking: moderate
Water absorbing quality: good