Glückskäfer rainbow building slats, 32 pc

$65.00 CAD

Glückskäfer Building Slats

Includes: 32 pieces with different lengths, width 4 cm and height 1 cm

Frame measures approximately 27 cm x 19 cm, and 5 cm thick.

Glückskäfer blocks are coloured with water-based stains that bring out the characteristic of original wood. The surface feels slightly rougher to facilitate construction projects.

Contructed with high quality basswood / linden and finished with CE-certified stain (meets EU safety, health and environmental protection requirement).

Gluckskafer building sets are colourful, creative, imaginative. The shapes are made of high-quality linden wood and give a special feel to the stained surfaces. Free building methods in all kinds of dream worlds make children and parents individual builders.

Recommended for children over 2 years of age.  This kind of building play in general might be suitable for children beginning anywhere from 5-7 years old.

Made in Europe by Glückskäfer.