large geometric stacking tower (special order)

$90.00 CAD $100.00

From triangle to polygon: the children can sort and stack forms and colours and build with the discs.  While stacking, the eye-hand coordination is stimulated and fine motor skills are trained.

Made using European-sourced lime wood, and finished with non-toxic water-based colour stain.

Size: height 36cm, diameter 24cm, disc thickness 3cm.

Care of wood: If you clean Grimm's wood products only use a damp cloth.  Do not submerge in water.  Do not use hot water or disinfectant.  Grimm's stands for quality and long life.  When making our toys, we carefully select the wood without defects.  At each step, the quality of the wood is checked.  But wood lives and responds to air changes.  Wood is a natural product and not indestructible.  Children should be advised and prompted to use caution with their special toys.  However, if something breaks, repair the damage with wood glue.

Warning: Potential hazardous pole (to poke if small child should fall on it).  Always put on safety cap while not assembling or disassembling wooden coloured discs.

Made in Europe.