Mail Box' geometric envelopes set

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Twenty Envelopes for Sending, Sorting, Saving and Collecting

Mail Box pushes the envelope beyond letters and bills.  Beyond the confines of formal notecard sets or dry business correspondence lies a rich world of envelopes for all occasions: giving, organizing, storing.  Whether you re looking for a special spot to leave a set of keys, a charming repository for money owed, or smart storage for paper souvenirs, this collection of colourful printed envelopes is clever and distinctive. 

Designer Neal Whittington is proprietor of Present & Correct, a tiny stationery store in London with an expansive online presence at  Since 2008, it has become the ultimate source for designers looking for unique office supplies, both new and vintage.  Sourced from individual designers or discovered in markets and old stores on his frequent trips abroad, Neal fills his shop with steady supply of graphic, useful desktop treasure.  Neal also designs products of his own, which have been carried by Conran, Isetan Tokyo and the Design Museum.

5.75 × 9.75" (14.6 × 24.8 cm)

20 Envelopes

Princeton Architectural Press.

Printed in China.