men's silkwool long underpants (special order)


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Wonderful silk wool blend.

Silk wool is like nature at its most beautiful: a warm breath of wind and the sparkling sea. The warmth of wool and the softness of silk.

Ruskovilla's silkwool blend consists of 30% silk and 70% organic merino wool. It is a thin, soft and stretchy layer that can be worn comfortably underneath everyday clothing, and sometimes with some comfort indoors or out.

It is slightly less warm than the pure wool, which may be wanted in some conditions. Due to the finer knit, we also do find it slightly more delicate and we cannot recommend it for outdoor sports like cross-country skiing as in our experience t will wear out sooner, particular along the seam lines due to the constant friction.

That said, it makes a luxurious layer for wearing at home or outdoors underclothing when one wants a cozy underlayer that isn't too bulky.

Many young children who don't tolerate the feel of pure wool alone do much better with the silk wool blend. Children who are highly sensitive even to the silkwool blend, we then recommend to the pure silk line from Ruskovilla (a tight knit, thicker layer of silk than one is normally used to, it is a good alternative for long underwear for children who are allergic to wool or otherwise too sensitive), or Ruskovilla's organic cotton long underwear.

Care: wash and store as one would merino wool. Detailed care instructions on the garment bag.

Available in black or undyed off-white.

Made in Finland.

Please note that not all size and colour combinations are in stock at all times, and there can sometimes be typically a 1-2 week wait for the item to be ordered in from Finland, if not in stock.