Mercurius light watercolour paper, 150gsm

SKU: MER 10310112-305x43cm, 200 sheets
$135.00 CAD

150 gsm, acid-free.

A light-to-medium weight painting paper.  This paper is used in most European schools, for a thinner, more affordable watercolour paper.  It works best on a smooth surface and is suitable for all painting boards.

It could be used for veil or regular watercolour painting.

Nest Notes: We do like to generally recommend a heavier weight paper (such as 200 gsm, or 250 gsm) for watercolour, especially for wet-on-wet painting for younger ages, if it is within budget.  The heavier paper can stand up to use when kindergarten age children might have a lot of water on their paintbrush repeatedly, soaking the page more; and the heavier paper will then not wrinkle as much when dried.  The heavier paper may also then be nice for work that you'd like to hold onto for years.  200 gsm is thicker and denser than the 150 gsm paper, and the 250 gsm paper is thicker and denser still.

Made in Germany.