Mouse and Mole, A Perfect Hallowe'en (early reader)

Mouse and Mole, A Perfect Hallowe'en (early reader)

ISBN 9780547850573

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By:  Wong Herbert Yee

Share another vibrant autumn season with Mouse and Mole in the sixth installment of this Geisel Honor Award–winning series.

"Eeny, meeny, miny, mumpkin —Which of you will be my pumpkin?” Mouse likes Halloween.

In fact, Mouse loves Halloween.  And with only a few days to go before the big day, Mouse has lots of preparations to make.  There are decorations to hang up and pumpkins to carve — especially for the big pumpkin-carving contest!  Mole does not like Halloween nearly as much.  It is scary.  It is creepy.  And who left that broom on the front step?  Thankfully a pumpkin-carving contest is not too scary.

But the pumpkin-carving contest is just the beginning of Mouse and Mole’s Halloween adventures.  What’s Mouse to do when her best friend has turned into a big Scaredy-Mole?

Theodor Seuss Geisel Honor Award Winner Wong Herbert Yee is a master of combining text and illustration for this age group.  His onomatopoeic language paired with his vibrantly stylized illustrations make for an early reader series that is both artful and accessible.

Recommended for children in grades 1 - 4 learning to read, or could also be nice for reading aloud to ~5 year old children.

Softcover, 48 pages.


"Newly independent readers will find much humour and some challenging word, but Yee's small gouache-and-litho pencil illustrations cue perfectly." ~ Starred Kirkus Review