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My Cat Mac

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By Margaret Forrester; Illustrated by Sandra Klaassen

When a new family move into Mac the cat's Edinburgh town house, he decides to let them stay. He has always wanted a special friend and the little girl Catriona seems very nice. But when Catriona decides to dress Mac up in doll's clothes and pushes him around in her pram, he is not impressed.

Mac leaves home to teach Catriona a lesson. Catriona misses Mac, but will he miss her? And will Catriona learn to give Mac the respect he needs?

A charming and funny story about learning to respect animals and about the importance of friendship.

Recommended for ages 3 - 6 yrs.

Softcover, 32 pages; 8.25 x 10". Colour illustrations.
Floris Books.


'I saw it in a bookshop in Edinburgh and the book was so charming I bought it right away. And to my delight the story was just as delightful. I loved how a gentle lesson was taught about treating a pet with respect and not as a toy or plaything. What a relief to read such a beautiful story with such wisdom, told in such a simple way.'
-- Trish Flannery, Netherlands (customer)

'This is a sweet book about friendship and respecting animals. With simple language and evocative drawings, it's a charming little tale.'
--Tina Hene, Families Magazine

'Catriona learns her lesson, and the heart warming ending is satisfying and endearing. A great story for teaching children to respect animals.'
-- Armadillo