NIC dump truck (special order)

SKU: NIC 1814
$295.00 CAD

The NIC 'Creamobil' series Dump Truck is comprised of the long basic model truck AND an add-on tipper bed.  The tipper bed (dumper part) may be removed, and other add-ons from the Creamobil series attached instead.

Includes 2 wooden peg people.

Approximately 42 cm long.

The typical steering handle allows children of one year old to be supported safely.  The long basic model can be wonderfully combined with all products in the Creamobil series.  Continuous expansion makes this system interesting up to the age of about 10 years.

*** Pictured here with add-on snow plough attachment as well, sold separately.  Also pictured in the photos here are the Nic Creamobil front end loader.

Made in Germany by Nic Walter.