ocean playing cards

$20.25 CAD $22.50

Illustrated by Holly Exley, text by Mike Unwin.

Make a splash at your next card game with the most spectacular animals from the world’s oceans. 

This boxed set of 52 playing cards features illustrations of ocean mammals, fish, molluscs and more, plus two jokers.  The interesting Ocean cards follow the same style as a standard card deck with 52 cards in 4 suits meaning they can be used in the same way. 

From familiar favourites like the clownfish and bottlenose dolphin to the formidable fangtooth and wonderfully weird Christmas tree worm, these colourful creatures will make waves in any game.  

Holly Exley is an illustrator and watercolor enthusiast, based in Derbyshire, capturing the life of the oceans so graciously.

Easy handling: The cards will not crack or bend when shuffled or flexed due to their 300gsm weight.  Held within a box these cards are super for taking anywhere on the go.

After playing your hand, discover fascinating facts about all 54 animals in the accompanying booklet.

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Published by Laurence King.