Only one drop

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One drop only? One single drop will be enough?

With one single drop you can do an incredible amount of experiments and surprise others with them as well.  It only takes one drop to create a magnifying effect, a vortex ring or the lotus effect.  A drop can sink, splash, bounce, or even float.  But you have to be very gentle to make sure that only one drop will trickle from the pipette!

Comes with small booklet, geared towards exploration and scientific study that encourages fundamental investigations of light and optics.

Experimental kit for children 8 years and older.

Pack size: 11.5× 8.3 × 4.6 cm.  Weight: 130 grams.

Warning: The glass parts are breakable, risk of cuts from possible fractures.  This toy is not suitable for children under three years as it contains small parts, danger of swallowing and suffocation.

Made in Germany.