Ostheimer tree decoration star Shepherd with Sheep

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OH 5530257

Delicately shaped wooden scenes in front of coloured silk papers make this Star a very special Tree Decoration.

Double-sided.  With only a little care, these can be expected to last for many, many years as a cherished Christmas tree decoration.  Due to the silk paper scenes, the light of Christmas tree lights or other light in the room, or even natural light if hung by a window, gently shines through and illuminates the colourful scene.

Size: 12.5 cm diameter x 0.3 cm thick.

Please note: Discontinued by Ostheimer in 2016, we have limited stock remaining of these lovely Christmas tree decorations.  We like them very much, and when we heard that they were being discontinued, we stocked up on remaining inventory to have some to offer to our customers still for awhile longer.

Made in Germany.