Oval paper, 250 sheets assorted

SKU: MER 10522312
$16.00 CAD

This paper can be used for drawing or folding, as well as many craft projects. Young children often take to cutting out the shape within a shape (eg. trimming the shape), on their own, which is helpful for cutting skills and learning about shapes. In our home, we used the small ovals for a game of 'pin the tail on the peacock'.

Heavy weight, 140 gsm.


  • Small: 12 cm (4.7") long x 8 cm (3.15") wide.
  • Medium: 16 cm (6.3") long x 12 cm (4.72") wide.
  • Large: 20cm (7.87") x 16 cm (6.3") wide.

250 sheets in a pack, assorted colours.

Made in Germany for Mercurius.