ISBN 9781776573240

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An immersive learning experience with Pablo, the little chick, as he discovers the world and many firsts.

Hardcover, 32 pages.

Gecko Press.


"Playing it safe, a chick decides to hatch bit by bit.  With stark black images—mainly a black egg in center stage—set against a white background, Belgian author/illustrator Rascal tells the story of Pablo, the chick, as he hatches. As the story opens, Pablo is spending his last night in his shell. When morning comes, Pablo must gather his strength for the task ahead, and what better way than with a small croissant and a hot chocolate? The tone is set: Though the images may be black and white, Pablo is no black-and-white character. There is an endearing complexity to this cute little chick. 'A little bit scared' yet a little curious, 'Pablo starts with a little tiny hole.' One eye contemplates the world outside, then two. Bit by bit, he makes a hole for each ear, his beak, and then his legs. Now Pablo can see, hear, smell, and wander around. With an eighth and ninth hole his wings are freed, and he flies. 'He's not scared now!' Tempering bravery with caution, after emerging, Pablo saves a small piece of his shell, just in case. And what a good thing he does, as the last illustration shows a yellow chick sheltering from the rain under his shell/umbrella. Indeed, bravery is not a one-dimensional trait.  Delightful—will surely bring smiles to readers' faces." — starred, Kirkus Reviews

"Utilizing black-and-white illustrations with bold shapes and sharp contrasts, Pablo is a sparse story about breaking out of your shell—literally. Pablo's big day has arrived: he has grown too big for his shell, and he is now ready to spread his wings in the world, albeit cautiously. With a touch of color at its close, the book reminds children that, even as they grow and change, a piece of home is always with them." — Foreword Reviews


About the Author:

Rascal is a leading Belgian illustrator and author of children's books. Enrolled by his parents in art school at the age of 12, he has since published more than 100 children's books and received international awards.