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PlanetBox Launch

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The Launch is intended for those with bigger appetites who want larger serving sizes. The Launch holds 30% more than the Rover at nearly 6.5 cups of food, and is designed to hold a 3 course meal.

Includes 1 Tall Dipper.



“Both me and my Fiancé are so happy with our Launches. It’s fantastic portion control, allows us to bring fresh cut veggies, fruit, and healthy options to work. We get a great variety of food, eat less junk, and feel fuller throughout the day because of it. (and I can pack a lunch that's under 500 calories) without feeling like we're starving.”
-Michelle H, Dayton OH

"I love how the Launch fits a big healthy salad, and smaller portions of proteins and grains."
-Brittany B, Santa Rosa CA

"My 14 year old loves his new Launch lunchbox, & thinks it's much cooler than any other lunch boxes he has ever seen. And it fits enough food to satify his almost insatiable appetite!"
-Tina M, Houston TX

“I have had TONS of compliments on my dishwasher safe PlanetBox Launch from coworkers and I love how individualized they can be. More importantly though, my lunches are staying fresh and delicious! That’s what you are looking for, right? Something that will keep your meal fresh and delicious. I really am highly impressed with PlanetBox and couldn’t be happier.”

“Basically the Launch was just what I expected from PlanetBox - thoughtful, elegant design and safe, high-quality materials in a product that’s a joy to use, and is made to last…not end up in a land-fill next season. But, wait…there’s more. We’re blessed in Las Vegas to have countless opportunities to get out and enjoy family entertainment outside. And, of course, all of these activities call for snacks. More often than not, I do the food for these events “family style” rather than individual bentos. When I saw the Launch, I knew it would be a great lunch box…but, I suspected it would make a fab serving piece as well. Was I right? You make the call.”

“I opted for the Launch because the PlanetBox is mine {all mine!} because I try to take a lunch as often as possible but I usually end up throwing something in my purse and hoping I don’t forget about it.  With the Launch lunch system, I’m able to be not only more conscious about what I’m eating but this will force me to take time out for lunch.”



1.6 lbs. 10.25 x 7.75 x 2 inches


Stainless steel, silicone rubber


Dishwasher safe or hand wash