Project Kid - Crafts that Go! (Shelf Wear)

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60 Imaginative Projects That Fly, Sail, Race, and Dive

By Amanda Kingloff

Kids’ fascination with vehicles is insatiable. In Project Kid: Crafts That Go!, that excitement is translated into more than 60 inventive craft projects for parents to make with and for their children.

The book is organized into seven chapters: City, Rails, Sky, Space, Water, Country, and Dirt. There are police cars and ice cream trucks; circus trains and submarines; helicopters, rocket ships, cement mixers, and school buses. And because the car-obsessed kid doesn’t just want a new vehicle to play with—he wants a racetrack, his very own driver’s license, maybe even a child-sized gas station—each chapter includes not only toys but also thematic clothing, decor, accessories, and more. Projects feature clear instructions and step-by-step photographs wherever they are needed, easy for both kids and non-crafty adults to understand.

Softcover, 272 pages.

Published 2016.



“Full of toys to make with your kids. Talk about maximum play value!”
—FamilyFun magazine

“Amanda’s purposeful design of each project guarantees that every boy and girl will have success. . . . We of course expected nothing less from a mother of two who has delivered creative content to millions of parents for more than a decade. We’re giving Project Kid: Crafts That Go! five glued and glittered gold stars!”
—from the foreword by Jonathan and Rachel Faucett, founders of Handmade Charlotte