rectangular baskets

$62.00 CAD

This handmade basket comes in its natural undyed colour. Our products from Bangladesh are woven from sea grass and date palm. The sea grass is wrapped with date palm leaves, that are abundant in the region. The average time to weave a basket is about a day and a half. These are handcrafted items so sizes are approximate and colours will vary slightly.

What we at Nest like about these baskets:

~ They don't have a strong smell, like some seagrass baskets naturally do.

~ Very soft material, no rough edges or parts of the weave. We store our playsilks in one of those baskets in our home, and they do not snag the fabric.

~ Extremely light, yet durable. Our young children can slide these baskets in and out of the storage cubbies that we keep some in, and they're light enough that they can take them from higher shelves themselves, yet the baskets retain their shape, and do not collapse at all while pulled and toted.

~ For reference, the large size fits perfectly into an Ikea Besta unit lengthwise, and 2 small baskets fit perfectly into one Besta cubbie next to each other width-wise.

~ Nice for storing children's toys, clothing, blankets, kitchen goods, or for use in the craft room or office. These baskets are an ideal storage solution.


Approximate dimensions:

Small: 13.5" long x 9.5" wide x 5" high

Medium: 16" long x 12" wide x 7" high

Large: 18.5" long x 14" wide x 8.5" high


Made in Bangladesh by The Blessing Basket Project, now ten by three.