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Ruskovilla adult organic merino wool fleece beanie (by special order)


Regular price $82.00

A cozy plush beanie, in 100% organic merino wool fleece.  Ruskovilla has come out with an extraordinary wool fleece: still with the same gentle and soft soothing quality as Ruskovilla's normal organic merino knit wool, but with the plush and cozy feeling of fleece.  Instantly warming and soothing, once you have it on, you do not want to take it off.   

Unisex Sizing: S, M, L

Can be worn with brim turned up or down.

Please note: As they are pure wool with very little treatment, heat or too much agitation during washing will cause wool to felt.  It it recommended to gently handwash with a wool detergent (ideal), or machine was in a front loading washer on woolens cycle, and then very gently pad dry with an absorbent towerl and then lay flat to finish drying.  However, since they are wool, it is not necessary to wash them too often, as the high lanolin content in the wool means that there is a natural oxidation process that occurs.  We suggest to let them air out a bit in between wearings, and wash only when needed.  During summer months, or when otherwise not in use, we also recommend to store them in a resealable plastic bag - the one that they come in works great - to help protect them against moths.

Made in Finland.