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Sarah's Silks 'Playsilks in the Mail' July 2023

Sarah's Silks 'Playsilks in the Mail' July 2023

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Balloon ball play!  Blowing up a balloon and securing it inside this silk cover ensures a safe experience for little ones.  Should the ballon pop, then the small bits of ballon are safely kept inside the cover.  (Very young children might instead put the balloon to their mouths, and should it pop, the small bits of balloon could pose a choking hazard).  This ballon ball set has an added feature of two mini- star wands use to catch or toss the balloon gently back and forth for somewhat older children.

July's Playsilk in the Mail offering Includes:

  • Star Balloon Ball
  • Two Mini Streamers
  • Art Card
  • Coloring Card

    Delight and surprised your child.

    Subscription boxes are also available to purchase on a recurring basis, but previous months can be purchased individually as this one here from July 2023.

    Designed for ages 3-10 years old.

    Not for children under 3. 


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