small cotton basket, with handle

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ColeMamaCreations Small Handled

Small decorative/ storage bowl.  Perfect for small treasures.   Also nice for a child for keeping playfood in the playkitchen, crafting supplies, beads, etc.  You will find an endless use for these lovely, sturdy and soft bowls! 

The charming little handle can be used to hand them on a hook on the wall if desired.

Handmade in the USA on a sewing machine with high quality strong thread.  They will last for years to come! 

It's best to spot clean with a cold wet rag but you can wash them if need be.  Machine wash on a cold delicate cycle and air dry.  As they are drying in the warm sun you may find that you need to reshape them a bit.

They are truly a worthy investment.  There is something so natural and beautiful in the way they look and feel. 

Cotton, thread.

Made in the United States by ColeMama Creations.

Small is just over 5 inches (13 cm) diameter at brim.

Please note: pictured here with tiny handled cotton basket inside of it as well, and pictured with coloured string weaving, also available upon special request.