soap carving kit

$31.00 CAD

This soap carving kit is a great introduction to knife safety & a fun way to whittle away the day.  Each kit contains one wooden knife, handmade in the United States from reclaimed beetle kill pine & sealed with a natural beeswax & oil sealant.  For the soap, Ivory soap is the mostly widely used soap for carving (and it floatsf or soap boat-making).  Customers can purchase the soap on their end, and buy just the wooden knife and carving stick with cotton bag and simple boat carving instructions from us; or else we also offer the kit with a bar of soap for people who are on the more sensitive side, Ottawa's very own Urban Forest Soap has cured their Unscented bar an extra long time for us to use in these kits, and we've found them an abolutely wonderfully suited experience to carve with.  

Great for kids ages, 3+.  Adult supervision is advised.

This wooden knife is modeled after a traditional bushcraft knife.  The design is tailored to fit in small hands.  This knife is wood but it is still pointy and sharp!  Some parents choose to sand the blade edge to a more dull blade for younger hands and sand back the bade edge as they get more comfortable with the tool.

When you are all done carving, wash away the excess soap.  Dry the knife.  Take your creation outside and play!

Made in the USA.