Summer Swimming postcard

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Geertje Kapteijns (1980) is a visual artist, living in Dordrecht, Netherlands.  When her children went to a Waldorf school, she was introduced to the way in which the seasons and annual festivals are celebrated and how children are able to be children during childhood.  This has proved to be a huge source of inspiration.  She started making chalkboard drawings and over time, she released them as cards, as well as her watercolour paintings as cards.  The cards are small works of art that encourage a conscious reflection on a certain time of the year or a certain event and the feeling that goes with that.  Drawings that make you look forward to remembering a beautiful moment.  

10.5 x 14.8 cm.

Watercolour print on a large quality paper card.  Please note, other postcard pictured is called ‘Fish in the Water’ and is sold separately.

Printed in the Netherlands.