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The Iron Ring

The Iron Ring

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By Lloyd Alexander 

When Tamar, the king of Sundari loses the dice game with Jaya the king of mahapura said to Tamar that if he was to lose the game his life now belongs to him, Tamar loses everything-his kingdom, its riches and his life his own. Then Jaya said that would give him the iron ring that means that now Tamar belongs to him and he had to accompany him to mahapura. Then Tamar woke up and opened his eyes as if it had all been a dream only that the Iron Ring that appears mysteriously on his finger. To Tamar, born to the warrior caste, honor is everything. So he sets out on a journey to make good on his even to give up his life if necessary. And he enters into a world where animals talk, spirits abound, and magic is everywhere.

Softcover, 285 pages.  

Recommended for 8-12 years of age.

Puffin Books.


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